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Avignon European Tour Vacations

How do you feel about going for a travel as a way of relieving yourself of all of life’s pressure? Where do you plan to go? Have you taken Europe as an itinerary? When you delve on the topic of going on a European tour vacation, there is always the plan that arises to visit France, particularly, Avignon.

Avignon is also termed as the second Rome basically because of some history concerning the reign of the popes in the 14th century. When Babylon was placed under siege, several popes were dethroned. This place in France has served as an abode to the myriad of antipopes within the period of 1378 down to 1408.

More so, UNESCO has granted Avignon with the commendation of being one of the world’s top rated heritage sites. “The Avenio” is a term which the Celt inhabitants use to refer to Avignon. It thus means “the town of the violent winds”.

Hence, if you wish to join the religious tours which are arranged by your church organizations or you plainly want to enjoy a long break, then might as well get the chance to visit Avignon in France.

Religious Tours Destination

A tour that is bound for France can be made more interesting if you consider dropping by Avignon. Religious tours are usually held therein since the place is a known home for the popes since time immemorial. Some of the renowned popes of the Catholic Church who had found the homey comfort in Avignon include Pope Innocent VI, Pope Benedict XII, Pope Clement V, Pope Clement VI, Pope John XXII, Pope Gregory XI, and Pope Urban V.

The era of Papacy in Avignon is otherwise referred in history as Babylon’s Captivity or simply the Babylonian Captivity. Such notable reign of the popes provided a clear signal for the conquerors to enslave the Israelites. This remarkable event marked the beginning of Avignon’s being an interesting city of France.

The Pope’s Palace is a common destination of the religious tours. Packs of tourists flock to the aged Catholic churches. Other spots which they commonly visit are the churches of St. Peter, St. Agricola, and St. Didier.

These church towers were once ruined during the time of the chaotic French Revolution but the cardinals, popes, and their subordinates concerted their efforts to bring back the glories of the churches.

Avignon’s other Highlights

Towards the end of the French Revolution, Avignon formally became a part of France and is now regarded as the nation’s commercial core. The progressive industries in the city include the silk trade, madder root and trail transport trades, as well as it is known to be a supplier of fresh market products.

Aside from these trades, the city’s cultural and economic aspects also gained their unsurpassed reputation. It is with this reason that Avignon has been pronounced as year 2000’s Europe’s City of Culture.

It is somehow refreshing and exciting to partake in tours such as those religiously affiliated ones. Through this activity, you can somehow take a glimpse of the historical context of the church as well as its struggles.

However, you may also pay homage to the churches in the city which may redefine the Catholic spirit in you. A visit to Avignon, France for a European tour vacation can provide you with a really refreshing feeling.

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